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2021 President, Officers, & Directors
The Top 20 African American Real Estate Professionals in Houston
The HBREA Covid Relief Fund Awardees
2021 HBREA College Scholarship Recipients
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Continuing Education

Apply here for the  TAREB Texas Top 20 Black Real Estate Professional Awards!
If you are selected in April as a top 20 awardee in your city, by the local chapter in your area, you will be invited to attend a special event given by the TAREB local chapter in your honor. Then, your  next stop is the 2020 TAREB convention for the unveiling of the states top 20 Black Real Estate Professionals award recepients to be chosen from the local  chapters identified Top 20 across the state. 
This is the first innaugural event. You have a chance to be in the 1st recognized class of TAREB’S Texas Top 20!!  Find your local chapter on the list below for membership details and other local events in your area.


TAREB Chair of the Board

TAREB Conference Chair

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